About SMK Solicitors

About the firm:

We aim to provide a high standard of legal services to our clients in a professional and friendly manner and to carry out clients instructions thoroughly and efficiently.

We have a very helpful and friendly team of legally trained staff covering a broad range of immigration, matrimonial, motoring, and general litigation law issues.

SMK Solicitors is a sole practice and wholly supervised by its principal Mr. S. M. Khan, Solicitor. All other staff working within the firm are highly qualified and experienced within their respective areas of practice. Since the firm was established in early 2008, it has built a reputation for providing excellent, cost effective and practical legal services for individuals and businesses.

Being a sole practice it is of great advantage that we strive on building close working relationships with our clients and in times of your need, we are the firm of Solicitors to have on your side.

We have managed to acquire high levels of success within our areas of practice, from recovering thousands of pounds of debt to representing clients in complex immigration appeals.

About the principal:

Mr. S. M. Khan, solicitor, has vast experience in the field of law. He is fully qualified and authorised to practice as a supervisor solicitor in England and Wales. After obtaining his LL.M from Kingston University, London, Mr. Khan became a partner at a well reputed firm in London and solely supervised its branch office in Manchester.

After sometime of being a partner in a busy law firm, Mr. Khan decided to open his own sole practice in the centre of England in the city of Stoke on Trent, the place of his residence. SMK Solicitors has since been running successfully offering high level of legal services to clients from all over the UK.

Mr. Khan is always looking to improve and to add new features within the firm. We have future plans to widen our areas of practice and open branch offices around England and Wales to continue providing excellent legal service.

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