UK immigration law is ever changing and evolving on a frequent basis. There is constant development in the immigration rules and policies of the government which are under regular review by the Courts and Tribunals. With the increase in Home Office fees and since the introduction of the Immigration Health Surcharge it is imperative that prior to applying for a visa, individuals are up to date on the requirements of the immigration rules.

At SMK Solicitors we are experienced in handling all aspects of immigration visa applications, appeals and judicial review, including:

Apart from the above, we also offer representation at Immigration Tribunals across England & Wales.

In order to offer our clients cost effective solutions, majority of our prices are fixed, which means our clients will have the benefit from the outset of knowing exactly what they will pay.

Our prices are based on competitive rates ensuring that we deliver our services without compromising on quality. You can also rest assured that all work is supervised by legally qualified staff who are experienced and experts in immigration law.

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