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It is well understood that for an individual engaged in hire/ public transport business, the driving licence is an essential document of their business to earn their livelihood. People often believe that there is nothing that can be done to avoid a disqualification. In our experience this is often not the case. SMK Solicitors can help to prepare and present defence of the drivers involved in minor traffic offences. This kind of service available locally is of great advantage to any driving licence holder who has been involved in minor motoring offences. More


In order to make things clearer for our clients, we offer Fixed Fees on Motor Offence cases, our charges are exceptionally competitive.

Advice and Pre-Summons Challenge £200

The initial stage of is when you receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution from the Police. We can often dissuade the police from issuing court proceedings and avoiding prosecution. Depending on merit of the case, if successful the client will avoid penalty points and/or a fine.

Mitigation on Paper £300

We will prepare a forceful mitigation on your behalf which will intend to minimise any fine, penalty points or ban which the court may impose.

Mitigation/Exceptional Hardship in person £500

SMK Solicitors Principal Solicitor, Mr. S. M. Khan, will personally prepare the case and represent the client before the court.


If you wish to fully contest the summons then we will need to assess your case (often with a barrister) and advise you on the merit and costs of the matter accordingly.
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